My name is Aaron Ko and I’m a hairstyling scissor designer in the beauty industry and I’m on the edge of a breakthrough story about people. I travel the world as two people, one as the ultimate salesman and the other as a traveler willing to work the most hardcore jobs and endure the most perilous adventures. It is all done out of empathy. I’ve trained myself strictly for the last 6 years to develop every mental tool necessary to get to the core of people. I’ve studied every desire-able and unappealing trait of people and put them to trial in every conceivable combination with action, language, and precision timing to work through people’s inhibitions and mental walls. Every day and every encounter is just pure mental practice for the people I haven’t met yet. Since my time is limited anywhere I go, I have to use these tools well to quickly grow my relationships with people. The result is a lot of action jam packed into a barrel and splattered across the canvas of many lives. I’ve trained myself to completely extract the moment because a great story cannot go to waste at my inability to handle what’s at hand. What is happening is too rich. I’ve made a life of chasing  down the ones that can throw down and put a lot on the table, and I’m doing it in my own trailblazing chariot made of hairstyling scissors. My fuel is curiosity and I’ll never run out of it.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. hi Aaron. I was wondering if you were going to be at the IBS in NY,NY this coming weekend. I’ve heard great things about your shears and would really like to see them and meet you thanks.

  2. Hello Aaron, I am documentary filmmaker and I have just read your article about La Rinconada, I was planning on going there at the end of the year to shoot a piece about people in extreme places, wondering if we could chat a little to have your insight. Many Thanks

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